I know that there’s no place to hide.

Stuck between the burning shade and the fading light.

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Happy 24th Kristen!

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April 9th 1990.

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do you ever just want to scream “NO ONE FUCKING LIKES YOU” in someones face 

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“I would always love this fragile human girl, for the rest of my limitless existence.” 

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˝When I’m about to blow the candles on my birthday cake and everybody is telling me I must make a wish, I just go into a tailspin. I’m thinking: what do I wish?, and I just can’t seem to think about anything. Then I close my eyes, take a deep breath and there comes my wish. I don’t know how to explain what goes on inside of me, but that’s what happens: breathing is the key to understand what’s really important to me.˝

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April 9th, 1990: Happy Birthday Kristen Jaymes Stewart

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My birthday present to Kristen Stewart is this embarrassing outtake from Happy/Sad/Confused.#happysadconfused #kristenstewart” (x)

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Happy 24th Birthday Kristen Jaymes Stewart♡ "If there is anything you really want to do, you have to give it a shot. Otherwise you’re going to hold onto it forever and just regret it."

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